Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa Porto Vecchio Corsica in 20137 Porto Vecchio (France)

5 star hotel

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A stunning abode set in a décor of vaults and arches. A habitat like a voyage in itself, with every room different, sparkling whites, shades of earth and sand, siesta colours, island hues, the beckon of seaside thrills and wanderlust. A home with a garden nestled between itself and the shore! Not just a hotel: a haven of exceptional plant life bordering a beach of indescribable beauty!

Here: lounges decked with greenery, flowers, pine trees and teakwood patio overlooking the gulf. There: a dreamlike seaside setting of straw huts, fine sand and turquoise waters! The dock is the starting block for water sports, deep-sea outings, island discoveries. The beachside Bar and Restaurant, rallying point for cheer of another ilk.

At Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa, pleasures never come alone. Along with the boundless seaview, stretching terrace under the pines, the laid-backpleasures of the beach and the feel-good benefits of the spa and its cabana surrounded by trees... add whirls of festivity and the bliss of lunch and dinner savours.

Now that you’ve experienced the other beauties of the isle, step into this aromatic land of garden-fresh, season-inspired cuisine: fresh-picked vegetables, fish - red mullet, denti, spider crab, crayfish... - angled the night before, kid, milk-fed lamb, brocciu, veal, game or wild pig.

Wood and water, silence and mellow moments, under the roof of Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa: Le Cala Rossa Spa by Clarins! One day, every day... a few breaststrokes away and just steps from your room, discover an expansive centre in the guise of a restful luxury retreat. A universe of beauty and care, salutary manipulations, skilled therapies, all designed with one thing in mind: your well-being, fitness and total personal pleasure!

Indulge yourself in a full program of fitness, stretching, coaching, yoga, sauna, steam bath... beauty booth (face and body, hand and foot care, hairstyling), endermology and swimming pool exercises, and there is more: in a childhood-memory, tree-house setting,plantar reflexology.


Route de Cala Rossa
20137 Porto Vecchio

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