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5 star hotel Sylt Rantum luxury hotel Germany Gourmet Hotel
Hotel Sölring Hof Sylt five star hotel Rantum wedding venue Germany
5 star luxury hotel Sylt gourmet hotel
A unique 2-star restaurant and 5-star hotel on Sylt, a bit out of the way in Rantum, an outstanding location in the middle of the dunes in every respect. View to the left, endless sandy beach, view to the right, endless sandy beach.  Only 15 rooms in total each offering imaginable luxury. Each room has its own beach chair, „binoculars“ can be found on „your“ windowsill, an e-bike will take you on an island tour even in headwinds, and the spa area in our luxury hotel on Sylt also invites you to visit. Spontaneously picnic on the beach, enjoy a last glass outside at night, take a bath before the open-end breakfast and walk barefoot all day.....

Rooms & Suites
LIVING IN THE SÖL‘RING HOF Sylt 5 star hotel
In the rooms and suites of our Söl‘ring Hof on Sylt, you can enjoy a stylish atmosphere with a family charm. In the unique location on the Rantumer dune you can enjoy your stay to the fullest and feel like in paradise.
Arge dune room with terrace
This bright and spacious room you would like to leave no more. At sunrise, there is a fantastic view of the Wadden Sea with its eternal game of high and low tide. The bathroom, which has access to the terrace, has a large shower.

Dune room with mini terrace
These charming rooms overlook the dune and have a small terrace. In harmony with nature, you are seduced into surrendering to the sound of the North Sea, which is only a few meters away. The bathroom has a bath with a shower.

Watt room with fireplace
In this beautiful room, you look far beyond the town of Rantum and the Wadden Sea - the change of tides makes the picture in front of the window here again and again. From the bathtub, which also has a shower, offers a very special dune view.

Under the north gable of the house is this exceptionally charming room, from which you can enjoy a wide 180 ° view of the dunes, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. The bathroom has a shower.

The light-filled room is located under the southern gable of the house. It offers a fantastic 180 ° view of the dune landscape, the Watt and the North Sea.
Sea duplex
This generous maisonette offers a true island feeling when you look out of the window. The expanse of the North Sea and the beach lies at your feet. From the living area a staircase leads to the upper gallery with open sleeping area and adjoining bathroom.

Marine maisonettes
In these bright maisonettes you have a spectacular view of the beach and the vastness of the North Sea. A staircase leads up to the open gallery to the sleeping area. The bathroom at the level of the living area has a bath with shower.

While the fire blazes in the fireplace, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the beach and the North Sea from the living area of our exclusive and spacious suite.

While the fire blazes in the fireplace, you can enjoy in our spacious suite the fantastic view over the village of Rantum and the Wadden Sea as far as Morsum. The natural spectacle of the tides creates this grandiose image again and again. A staircase leads to the upper gallery, where both the sleeping area and the bathroom with shower are located. In the entrance area of the suite there is a guest toilet.

2-star restaurant - Enjoy Gourmet cuisine
Johannes King and chef Jan-Philipp Berner - a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs - rely on down-to-earth and honest products. Oriented on the seasons, the restaurant serves mainly regional ingredients. And when choosing their products, the two leave nothing to chance: vegetables, fruits and herbs come from the local hinterland, fish and seafood provide us fishermen from the area. You can also enjoy the unique Sylter Royal Oyster. Germany‘s only oyster comes fresh from cunning of Dittmeyer‘s oysters Compagnie.

Spa and Wellness
Feel good in the Söl‘ring Hof
As a guest in the Söl‘ring Hof on Sylt, you can fully relax in our spa area and just let your mind wander. After a long beach walk or a swim in the surf of the North Sea your way leads into our little wellness oasis. Here you complete your well-being day in the steam sauna or with a soothing foot bath. The relaxation room with heated loungers invites you to switch off. The Söl‘ring Hof is not a classic wellness hotel on Sylt - we still offer our hotel guests everything you need for a relaxing spa day. Forget about everyday life and feel how your tension dissolves. We give you exactly the moments that your body needs. Our wellness offers give you the opportunity to leave your relaxation to professional hands. Treat yourself to a massage or a cosmetic treatment and feel reborn. If you prefer exercise, take the initiative in our small gym.

In the period from November to April - when the days get shorter and the nights get longer and it is so cozy - you have the opportunity to rent the whole location and to enjoy Sylt exclusively, only with your loved ones. Our „Landhaus am Meer“ has 15 individually furnished rooms and suites, the 2-star gourmet restaurant, the cozy fireplace bar, the port room, the well-stocked wine cellar and a high-quality wellness and sports area.


Am Sandwall 1
25980 Rantum Sylt

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